Disc: hold RJ


RJ: hold disk-254mm-0



RJ: hold disk-254mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-280mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-305mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-330mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-355mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-380mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-406mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-432mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-460mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-482mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-508mm-0

Maintenance Disco RJ-533mm-0

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Product size

1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-254mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-280mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-305mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-330mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-355mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-380mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-406mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-432mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-460mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-482mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-508mm-0, 1-Box 5 pcs. – RJ-533mm-0


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