Frequently asked questions about maintenance and usage.

Advices(Councils) of maintenance

Maintenance and periodic cleanliness of surfaces treated with products Timberex:
A good care and cleanliness, it is essential to support the aspect of our furniture, soils of wood Etc, so much to support his(her,your) satiny, dull or brilliant aspect, since(as,like) to assure that the oil will have a lasting effect, therefore we advise to follow(continue) a programmed cleanliness.
This can be achieved following(continuing) a few simple instructions, it(he,she) does not matter if we are speaking about a few domestic or commercial facilities. The only(unique) difference is the frequency with which it is realized, already be diraria, weekly or monthly, depending on the need of every case.

Periodic cleanliness

Clean in I dry the surface on the one that is going to work. Remove the spots or brands(marks) of liquids with a cloth, using an agent cleaner with neutral PH buffoonery Timberex Bio-C.La agent’s quantity of cleanliness must be: 100ml of Timberex Bio-C for every 5 liters of water. Read the label(etiquette) of the product before using it. Clean the surface with in cloth moistened with Timberex Bio-C. A basic rule is that the surface must be dry between 5-10 minutes.

Maintenance: with what frequency to renew or to support the soil?

Once a year or when it(he) is necessary. Depending on the use of the surface, the intervals can change a bit. The areas of high place I travel as airports, trades, etc. To apply oil of maintenance every 3 months. In zones of low traffic as particular housings, etc. It(he,she) can be that he(she) needs minor maintenance every 10-15 years. The rule is simple. If it(he,she) observes that the surface, one sees dry, worn-out(finished) and the spots appear with many facility, this one is the moment to initiate the maintenance.

When I can begin to wash my soil?

It(He,She) is recommended to wait 2 weeks, to allow that the oil should harden completely. After this period it is possible to wash every day or when it(he) is necessary, but insure itself(himself,herself) of using the correct mixture(mixing) and the suitable product. Read the instructions in the later(posterior) part of the packing(package) before his(her,your) use.

How to remove the spots and the brands(marks) of the soils?

95 % of all the spots of the homes like the water, food, wine, juices, etc., they can remove easily with our Agent of cleanliness Timberex Bio-C, or with an ink pad of nylon of average degree, combined with our products Satin Oil, or Satin Oil Gold Mousse (skims off) that it(he,she) is ideal for smaller areas. If the spot continues there, use sandpaper to eliminate it and re-oil again the zone with Satin Oil.

I want to avoid the spots and brands(marks) that I cannot remove. What can I do?

If you begin to experience this problem, in general it(he,she) means that it is time to renew with oil of maintenance the oiled one of his(her,your) soil. The majority of the common spots, they can be eliminated easily in a surface in good condition(state). Sanded superficial it might be necessary to eliminate any spot that has remained in the surface during a long period.

My soil meets gray and dry. That I can do?

This can owe to the use of too much(many) soap and the water remains in the surface, creating a superficial ‘movie’ that is of gray color, or that to left of adding regularly oil to the soil. For this the oil of maintenance remains in the top part provoking a sticky surface. For example to quarrel if you have for a superficial movie, only it(he,she) has to take(catch) a thin nylon – pad, and rub on the surface. If there is gray powder / in the nylon – pad, it(he,she) has a movie. This can be solved easily using a nylon – pad mas thickly(bulk) (quoit or black) rubbing with the ink pad of nylon the surface. Pula the surface with the thick(bulky) ink pad, cleans the soil with our cleaner Bio-C before oiling again.

Have I to sand my new soil?

No. If you support his(her,your) soil correctly, you will never have to return to sand.

All the caps must I apply?

Two caps are recommended as minimum. This will assure that the wood has been saturated suitably and will have the suitable long-term protection. All the numbers(figures) of coverage are based on two caps

All the time I have to wait between(among) caps

According to the product, but between(among) 20 min., up to 3 hours. Read the specification sheet of the product and the instructions in the later(posterior) part of the packing(package) held up before beginning the application. The general rule is that if it(he,she) starts seeing dry zones in 30-40 % approximately of the surface (to look at a natural light source), to begin to apply the following cap. Not to allow that the oil should dry off before applying the following cap. Repeat this process until the surface does not admit any more oil.

When I will be able to return to use my soil after oiled?

In general, we recommend to wait 24 hours after it(he,she) dries – polished, before using again the soil. If it is not possible, to cover the soil carefully during period.

Can I mix the products Timberex between(among) if?

Yes. Only insure itself(himself,herself) of annotating the mixture(mixing) that it(he,she) has used in order that it(he,she) could return to create it if it(he) is necessary. Saying this, one does not recommend to mix our oils with other products.

Can I use these oils in my soil Lacquer?

No. The oil will stay on the top part of the lacquer creating a sticky surface. It(he,she) should sand the lacquer / glaze of the surface to be able to oil it.

I want more sheen in my soil. That I can do?

Bear in mind that the oils only one can pulir up to a certain degree of sheen. For a finished Extra-sheen, another type of products uses. Timberex Free, Wax-Oil or Hard-Wax Oil uses. Once it(he,she) dries pula with a (white) nylon – pad the surface in the same place in a longer period of time. This will give him(her) a satiny high place or additional sheen to the surface..

Are his(her,your) products safe of using?

Yes, our products are very sure of using and none of our oils needs to take symbols of warning in the later(posterior) part of the tins. All our products are compatible with VOC2010 (Organic Volatile Compounds) and EN71 safety certificates for the toys and food. At 12 p.m. all the smells will have disappeared. Keep the windows opened while one works with the oil to accelerate this process

Can I use the oil in my surface of work?

Yes. At first(in principle), in all the surfaces of wood. All the oils Timberex have the safety certificate EN71 that is for food products and toys. In the zones with a great quantity of liquid spillages, we recommend to him(her) to use Timberex Free, Wax-Oil or Hard-Wax Oil, which offer more resistance to the water.

Does car - combustir can the product?

At first(In principle), yes, in certain circumstances. But we add ingredients as the oil of sunflower and the kerosene without smell of our products to reduce the risks though we do not know that it has been given any throughout the years. It is enough to have a water bucket ready to place the rags used in soaking. So soon as be in touch with the water, the danger disappears. All our tins contain additional information about this supposition. Read thoroughly the cards, before using any oil.

Do not I need any clothes of protection to use these products?

We recommend the use of protection gloves for the Colors not necessarily for the oils. Read the leaf(sheet) of safety information of the material for every product before using it. Wash any fabric that has been dyed accidental as soon as possible