Timberex Free


Clear Solvent-free Oil for Floors



Clear Solvent-free Oil for Floors

Timberex Free is a 100% solids, solvent-free product made from natural, fast drying oils and resins which penetrate
deeply into the wood. Filling and enriching the pores it cures to seal and protect from within.

Timberex Free has up to three times the coverage of other oils and is ideal for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications including airports, museums, sports halls, private homes etc.

– Cured and buffed surface has a highly wear and water-resistant finish with a deep satin sheen
– Colour is enriched and grain patterns are highlighted on the smooth, easily maintained surface

AVAILABILITY: Containers of 1 and 5 liters
COVERAGE: 15-20m² per liter
ELEMENTS OF APPLICATION: Colander, Racket or soil Haragán
PADS: Blue or Red (3M or similar)
CLEANING: Cleaning Solution Timberex Bio-C
MAINTENANCE: Timberex Satin Oil Gold Oil Gold Satin Mousse Timberex

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1.0 Litre, 5.0 Litres


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